Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Art Project in and around the WTC Twin Towers + VIDEO

Most of my followers on Twitter know of the detained Israeli on 9/11. Some cheering while they were documenting the event. Some were caught while driving around with vans full of explosives, fake passports, city maps and cash.

In 2001 up to 200 Israeli were detained, in an alleged Israeli Spy Ring. Some were following the alleged hijackers of 9/11.

This information is widely available. For example here;
US arrests 200 young Israeli
Door to Door with Mohamed Atta (German/ use Google Translate)
Banned Fox report on the Israeli 9/11

Now, what has Art has to do with it?

Except it was (or is) a perfect cover-up for the Israeli spies to enter and stay in the US, could there be another reason?

Well, there were a lot of explosions in the Towers during the event on 9/11. To wire a building with explosives you will need unlimited access for a period of weeks for preparation.

Surprisingly, one group indeed had access to the WTC, 7 days a week. And coincidentally, it were Art people just like the cover-up of the detained Israeli. The Art Group even made modifications to the building, by taking out windows for example. And surprisingly this was on the 91st floor, same as impact zone of the Boeing on 9/11.

The art group is called Eteam. They have done projects like this;

Maybe i am connecting dots which shouldn't be connected, but then againg the US Gov should open information on the detained and deported Israeli. Or just start a criminal investigation, 'cause that never happened...

So without further ado, the March 31st 2001 video of a Art group who had access to the WTC:

Thanks and credits to Mark Dotzler.


  1. I could have sworn a link to a blog that will help people understand the "91(10)" and yet it's gone. Too hot?
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    Here it is again: DragonsPaw.Blogspot.com/2018